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B Travel & Tours

Welcome to BAWI TRAVEL – Your Trusted Travel Partner

At BAWI TRAVEL, we take pride in being an accredited travel agency dedicated to ensuring that your travel experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Our mission is to make your journey economically safe, enjoyable, informative, comfortable, and above all, memorable.

Our Commitment:

BAWI TRAVEL is committed to venturing into new geographic horizons and putting in every effort to secure the best deals for our valued clients. Our services cover a broad spectrum of travel needs, including:

  1. Air Tickets: Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, we’ve got you covered with convenient and competitive airfares.
  2. VISAS: We specialize in a variety of visas, including Tourist Visas, Business Visas, Conference Visas, and Student Visas for destinations such as the USA, EU, Canada, Australia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Kenya, and more.
  3. Hotel Bookings: Explore a world of accommodation options with our worldwide hotel booking services.
  4. Cab Bookings: We offer hassle-free cab bookings on a global scale, ensuring your transportation needs are met with ease.
  5. Holiday Tours: Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable Inbound or Outbound tour, a Group Package, a Corporate Group Tour, or a Spiritual Journey, we have the perfect package to suit your desires.

Your One-Stop Travel Solution:

BAWI TRAVEL is your all-in-one solution for every aspect of your travel needs. Our success is built on a foundation of superior knowledge, meticulous planning, and the unique ability to anticipate and resolve potential challenges along the way.

We’re here to transform your travel dreams into unforgettable realities. Welcome to a world of hassle-free, remarkable journeys with BAWI TRAVEL.